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    • Arsenal Kyiv U19Arsenal Kyiv U190000null:null-19.10.2018Arsenal Kyiv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U1924.08.2018Zaporizhya U19 - Arsenal Kyiv U194:2Lose17.08.2018Arsenal Kyiv U19 - Mariupol U192:1Win
    • Chernomorets U19Chernomorets U190000null:null-19.10.2018Chernomorets U19 - Karpaty Lviv U1905.10.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Chernomorets U191:2Win21.09.2018Dynamo Kyiv U19 - Chernomorets U193:1Lose
    • Dynamo Kyiv U19Dynamo Kyiv U190000null:null-26.10.2018Dynamo Kyiv U19 - Arsenal Kyiv U1918.10.2018Oleksandria U19 - Dynamo Kyiv U191:4Win21.09.2018Dynamo Kyiv U19 - Chernomorets U193:1Win14.09.2018Zaporizhya U19 - Dynamo Kyiv U192:4Win15.08.2018Dynamo Kyiv U19 - Karpaty Lviv U190:2Lose
    • Karpaty Lviv U19Karpaty Lviv U190000null:null-19.10.2018Chernomorets U19 - Karpaty Lviv U1928.09.2018Mariupol U19 - Karpaty Lviv U192:2Draw13.09.2018Karpaty Lviv U19 - Shakhtar Donetsk U191:3Lose31.08.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Karpaty Lviv U190:2Win15.08.2018Dynamo Kyiv U19 - Karpaty Lviv U190:2Win10.08.2018Karpaty Lviv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U193:0Win
    • FC Lviv U19FC Lviv U190000null:null-09.11.2018FC Lviv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U19
    • Mariupol U19Mariupol U190000null:null-19.10.2018Mariupol U19 - Shakhtar Donetsk U1928.09.2018Mariupol U19 - Karpaty Lviv U192:2Draw24.08.2018Mariupol U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U190:0Draw17.08.2018Arsenal Kyiv U19 - Mariupol U192:1Lose
    • Oleksandria U19Oleksandria U190000null:null-02.11.2018Oleksandria U19 - Desna Chernihiv U1918.10.2018Oleksandria U19 - Dynamo Kyiv U191:4Lose31.08.2018Oleksandria U19 - Vorskla Poltava U190:2Lose17.08.2018Oleksandria U19 - Zaporizhya U192:3Lose
    • Olimpik Donetsk U19Olimpik Donetsk U190000null:null-19.10.2018Arsenal Kyiv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U1931.08.2018Olimpik Donetsk U19 - Zaporizhya U191:3Lose24.08.2018Mariupol U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U190:0Draw17.08.2018Olimpik Donetsk U19 - Volyn U191:3Lose10.08.2018Karpaty Lviv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U193:0Lose
    • Shakhtar Donetsk U19Shakhtar Donetsk U190000null:null-19.10.2018Mariupol U19 - Shakhtar Donetsk U1913.09.2018Karpaty Lviv U19 - Shakhtar Donetsk U191:3Win31.08.2018Shakhtar Donetsk U19 - Zorya Lugansk U190:0Draw17.08.2018Shakhtar Donetsk U19 - Vorskla Poltava U191:0Win
    • Volyn U19Volyn U190000null:null-09.11.2018Volyn U19 - Zorya Lugansk U1917.08.2018Olimpik Donetsk U19 - Volyn U191:3Win
    • Vorskla Poltava U19Vorskla Poltava U190000null:null-09.11.2018Mariupol U19 - Vorskla Poltava U1918.10.2018Vorskla Poltava U19 - Desna Chernihiv U196:1Win31.08.2018Oleksandria U19 - Vorskla Poltava U190:2Win24.08.2018Vorskla Poltava U19 - Zorya Lugansk U192:0Win17.08.2018Shakhtar Donetsk U19 - Vorskla Poltava U191:0Lose
    • Zorya Lugansk U19Zorya Lugansk U190000null:null-26.10.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Zorya Lugansk U1931.08.2018Shakhtar Donetsk U19 - Zorya Lugansk U190:0Draw24.08.2018Vorskla Poltava U19 - Zorya Lugansk U192:0Lose
    • Zaporizhya U19Zaporizhya U190000null:null-26.10.2018Mariupol U19 - Zaporizhya U1914.09.2018Zaporizhya U19 - Dynamo Kyiv U192:4Lose31.08.2018Olimpik Donetsk U19 - Zaporizhya U191:3Win24.08.2018Zaporizhya U19 - Arsenal Kyiv U194:2Win17.08.2018Oleksandria U19 - Zaporizhya U192:3Win
    • Desna Chernihiv U19Desna Chernihiv U190000null:null-26.10.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Zorya Lugansk U1918.10.2018Vorskla Poltava U19 - Desna Chernihiv U196:1Lose05.10.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Chernomorets U191:2Lose31.08.2018Desna Chernihiv U19 - Karpaty Lviv U190:2Lose
    U19 tournament held by Ukraine. League registrants: 14 participants. At the moment in teams closest to the final first place tournament are as follows:

    Arsenal Kyiv U19 - null points, null won matches, null losses, null draws.

    Chernomorets U19 - null points, null wins, null no-point matches, null draws.

    Dynamo Kyiv U19 - null points, null wins, null no-point matches, null draws.

    As of 18.10.2018, standings show that football teams are in the following intermediate zones:
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    Schedule of interesting football matches - U19 (Ukraine):

    Queens Park Rangers - Queens Park Rangers (19.10.2018 16:00)

    Arsenal Kyiv U19 - Olimpik Donetsk U19 (19.10.2018 16:00)

    Chernomorets U19 - Karpaty Lviv U19 (19.10.2018 16:00)

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