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    • Akhisar Belediye U21Akhisar Belediye U210000null:null-20.10.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Akhisar Belediye U215:1Lose07.10.2018Akhisar Belediye U21 - Trabzonspor U212:0Win29.09.2018Alanyaspor U21 - Akhisar Belediye U212:0Lose15.09.2018Mke Ankaragucu U21 - Akhisar Belediye U210:1Win19.08.2018Akhisar Belediye U21 - Сaykur Rizespor U211:0Win
    • Alanyaspor U21Alanyaspor U210000null:null-04.11.2018Alanyaspor U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U2129.09.2018Alanyaspor U21 - Akhisar Belediye U212:0Win
    • Antalyaspor U21Antalyaspor U210000null:null-03.11.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Antalyaspor U2101.10.2018Mke Ankaragucu U21 - Antalyaspor U211:0Lose
    • Konyaspor U21Konyaspor U210000null:null-27.10.2018Konyaspor U21 - Istanbul Basaksehir U2122.09.2018Kayserispor U21 - Konyaspor U210:0Draw
    • Besiktas U21Besiktas U210000null:null-12.08.2018Besiktas U21 - Akhisar Belediye U211:0Win
    • Bursaspor U21Bursaspor U210000null:null-11.11.2018Bursaspor U21 - Kasimpasa U2121.09.2018Bursaspor U21 - Istanbul Basaksehir U211:0Win16.09.2018Сaykur Rizespor U21 - Bursaspor U210:3Win11.08.2018Fenerbahce U21 - Bursaspor U211:1Draw
    • BB Erzurumspor U21BB Erzurumspor U210000null:null-21.09.2018BB Erzurumspor U21 - Mke Ankaragucu U215:0Win
    • Сaykur Rizespor U21Сaykur Rizespor U210000null:null-16.09.2018Сaykur Rizespor U21 - Bursaspor U210:3Lose19.08.2018Akhisar Belediye U21 - Сaykur Rizespor U211:0Lose
    • Fenerbahce U21Fenerbahce U210000null:null-02.11.2018Galatasaray U21 - Fenerbahce U2101.09.2018Fenerbahce U21 - Kayserispor U211:1Draw11.08.2018Fenerbahce U21 - Bursaspor U211:1Draw
    • Goztepe U21Goztepe U210000null:null-05.10.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Goztepe U211:0Lose12.08.2018Goztepe U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U212:2Draw
    • Istanbul Basaksehir U21Istanbul Basaksehir U210000null:null-27.10.2018Konyaspor U21 - Istanbul Basaksehir U2120.10.2018Istanbul Basaksehir U21 - Kayserispor U211:0Win01.10.2018Istanbul Basaksehir U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U212:0Win21.09.2018Bursaspor U21 - Istanbul Basaksehir U211:0Lose
    • Kasimpasa U21Kasimpasa U210000null:null-03.11.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Antalyaspor U2120.10.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Akhisar Belediye U215:1Win05.10.2018Kasimpasa U21 - Goztepe U211:0Win
    • Kayserispor U21Kayserispor U210000null:null-10.11.2018Kayserispor U21 - Galatasaray U2120.10.2018Istanbul Basaksehir U21 - Kayserispor U211:0Lose22.09.2018Kayserispor U21 - Konyaspor U210:0Draw01.09.2018Fenerbahce U21 - Kayserispor U211:1Draw
    • Sivasspor U21Sivasspor U210000null:null-
    • Trabzonspor U21Trabzonspor U210000null:null-11.11.2018Yeni Malatyaspor U21 - Trabzonspor U2107.10.2018Akhisar Belediye U21 - Trabzonspor U212:0Lose01.09.2018Trabzonspor U21 - Galatasaray U210:1Lose
    • Yeni Malatyaspor U21Yeni Malatyaspor U210000null:null-04.11.2018Alanyaspor U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U2101.10.2018Istanbul Basaksehir U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U212:0Lose12.08.2018Goztepe U21 - Yeni Malatyaspor U212:2Draw
    • Mke Ankaragucu U21Mke Ankaragucu U210000null:null-01.10.2018Mke Ankaragucu U21 - Antalyaspor U211:0Win21.09.2018BB Erzurumspor U21 - Mke Ankaragucu U215:0Lose15.09.2018Mke Ankaragucu U21 - Akhisar Belediye U210:1Lose
    • Galatasaray U21Galatasaray U210000null:null-02.11.2018Galatasaray U21 - Fenerbahce U2101.09.2018Trabzonspor U21 - Galatasaray U210:1Win
    U21 Ligi championship organized by Turkey Amateur. Tournament participants: 18 football clubs. Today in favorites football marathon are as follows:

    Akhisar Belediye U21 - null points, null won matches, null no-point matches, null draws.

    Alanyaspor U21 - null points, null triumphs, null no-point matches, null draws.

    Antalyaspor U21 - null points, null wins, null lost matches, null draws.

    As of 23.10.2018, standings show that teams are in the following intermediate zones:
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    Schedule of key games - U21 Ligi (Turkey Amateur):

    Konyaspor U21 - Istanbul Basaksehir U21 (27.10.2018 10:00)

    Galatasaray U21 - Fenerbahce U21 (02.11.2018 10:00)

    Kasimpasa U21 - Antalyaspor U21 (03.11.2018 10:00)

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