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    • Champions League1Atl. Madrid (Women)Atl. Madrid (Women)25195159:186201.04.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:0Win24.03.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)0:4Win17.03.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)2:2Draw11.03.2018Barcelona (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)1:1Draw24.02.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)2:4Win
    • Champions League2Barcelona (Women)Barcelona (Women)25194276:116122.04.2018Barcelona (Women) - Sevilla (Women)5:0Win01.04.2018Barcelona (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)3:1Win25.03.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Barcelona (Women)1:2Win18.03.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Barcelona (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018Barcelona (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)1:1Draw
    • 3Athletic Bilbao (Women)Athletic Bilbao (Women)25151941:364631.03.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Espanyol (Women)1:0Win25.03.2018Sevilla (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)3:2Lose17.03.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:0Win11.03.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)4:1Lose25.02.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)2:3Lose
    • 4UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)25125839:324122.04.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)1:1Draw01.04.2018Barcelona (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)3:1Lose24.03.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)0:4Lose18.03.2018Valencia (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)0:0Draw11.03.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)4:1Win
    • 5Real Betis (Women)Real Betis (Women)25124938:334001.04.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:0Lose24.03.2018Real Betis (Women) - Valencia (Women)0:0Draw17.03.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:0Lose10.03.2018Real Betis (Women) - Santa Teresa (Women)3:0Win24.02.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:1Draw
    • 6Valencia (Women)Valencia (Women)25107841:313722.04.2018Valencia (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)4:1Win31.03.2018Valencia (Women) - Sevilla (Women)1:1Draw24.03.2018Real Betis (Women) - Valencia (Women)0:0Draw18.03.2018Valencia (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)0:0Draw10.03.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Valencia (Women)2:1Lose
    • 7Madrid CFF (Women)Madrid CFF (Women)251051030:463501.04.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)3:0Lose25.03.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Barcelona (Women)1:2Lose17.03.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)2:2Draw10.03.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Valencia (Women)2:1Win25.02.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)2:3Win
    • 8Levante (Women)Levante (Women)251051046:423524.03.2018Levante (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)4:2Win18.03.2018Transportes Alcaine (Women) - Levante (Women)3:0Lose11.03.2018Levante (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)2:1Win25.02.2018Levante (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)2:3Lose18.02.2018Espanyol (Women) - Levante (Women)0:6Win
    • 9Real Sociedad (Women)Real Sociedad (Women)2597935:273422.04.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)2:2Draw25.03.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:3Win18.03.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Espanyol (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018Sevilla (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)0:2Win24.02.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Real Betis (Women)1:1Draw
    • 10Rayo Vallecano (Women)Rayo Vallecano (Women)25851232:442922.04.2018Valencia (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)4:1Lose01.04.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)2:0Lose25.03.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:3Lose18.03.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)3:1Lose11.03.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)1:1Draw
    • 11Sevilla (Women)Sevilla (Women)25771131:392822.04.2018Barcelona (Women) - Sevilla (Women)5:0Lose31.03.2018Valencia (Women) - Sevilla (Women)1:1Draw25.03.2018Sevilla (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)3:2Win18.03.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Sevilla (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018Sevilla (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)0:2Lose
    • 12Espanyol (Women)Espanyol (Women)25761220:332731.03.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Espanyol (Women)1:0Lose25.03.2018Espanyol (Women) - Santa Teresa (Women)3:0Win18.03.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Espanyol (Women)1:1Draw10.03.2018Espanyol (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)1:2Lose25.02.2018Transportes Alcaine (Women) - Espanyol (Women)2:0Lose
    • 13Fundacion Albacete (Women)Fundacion Albacete (Women)25751336:492622.04.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)2:2Draw30.03.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)3:0Win24.03.2018Levante (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)4:2Lose18.03.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)3:1Win10.03.2018Espanyol (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)1:2Win
    • 14Sporting de Huelva (Women)Sporting de Huelva (Women)25741428:412522.04.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)1:1Draw01.04.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Madrid CFF (Women)3:0Win25.03.2018Transportes Alcaine (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)2:1Lose18.03.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Barcelona (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018Levante (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)2:1Lose
    • Relegation15Transportes Alcaine (Women)Transportes Alcaine (Women)25451625:561722.04.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)3:1Lose30.03.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)3:0Lose25.03.2018Transportes Alcaine (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)2:1Win18.03.2018Transportes Alcaine (Women) - Levante (Women)3:0Win11.03.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)1:1Draw
    • Relegation16Santa Teresa (Women)Santa Teresa (Women)25371516:551622.04.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Transportes Alcaine (Women)3:1Win01.04.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)2:0Win25.03.2018Espanyol (Women) - Santa Teresa (Women)3:0Lose18.03.2018Santa Teresa (Women) - Sevilla (Women)1:1Draw10.03.2018Real Betis (Women) - Santa Teresa (Women)3:0Lose

    Champions League


    Primera Division Women tournament organized by Spain. Tournament competitors: 16 clubs. As of today in favorites contest are as follows:

    Atl. Madrid (Women) - 62 points, 19 triumphs, 1 losses, 5 draws.

    Barcelona (Women) - 61 points, 19 wins, 2 lost matches, 4 draws.

    Athletic Bilbao (Women) - 46 points, 15 wins, 9 losses, 1 draws.

    As of 19.10.2018, standings show that football teams are in the following intermediate zones:

    Champions League - Atl. Madrid (Women), Barcelona (Women)

    Relegation - Transportes Alcaine (Women), Santa Teresa (Women)

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