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    • Fundacion Albacete (Women)Fundacion Albacete (Women)0000null:null-27.10.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)20.10.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)2:0Lose14.10.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)3:2Win
    • Levante (Women)Levante (Women)0000null:null-04.11.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Levante (Women)30.09.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Levante (Women)1:1Draw
    • Madrid CFF (Women)Madrid CFF (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)13.10.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Valencia (Women)1:1Draw09.09.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)3:1Win
    • Rayo Vallecano (Women)Rayo Vallecano (Women)0000null:null-21.11.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)20.10.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Fundacion Albacete (Women)2:0Win14.10.2018Barcelona (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)9:1Lose29.09.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)1:1Draw
    • Real Sociedad (Women)Real Sociedad (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)14.10.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:1Lose30.09.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Sevilla (Women)2:0Win23.09.2018CDEF Logrono (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:2Draw
    • Sevilla (Women)Sevilla (Women)0000null:null-04.11.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Sevilla (Women)30.09.2018Real Sociedad (Women) - Sevilla (Women)2:0Lose
    • RelegationSporting de Huelva (Women)Sporting de Huelva (Women)0000null:null-18.11.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Valencia (Women)14.10.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)3:2Lose30.09.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Levante (Women)1:1Draw16.09.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)0:0Draw09.09.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Sporting de Huelva (Women)3:1Lose
    • UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018CA Malaga (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)30.09.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)2:0Lose23.09.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Valencia (Women)3:0Win
    • Valencia (Women)Valencia (Women)0000null:null-04.11.2018Valencia (Women) - Barcelona (Women)13.10.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - Valencia (Women)1:1Draw23.09.2018UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women) - Valencia (Women)3:0Lose16.09.2018Valencia (Women) - Espanyol (Women)3:0Win09.09.2018CDEF Logrono (Women) - Valencia (Women)0:0Draw
    • Real Betis (Women)Real Betis (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018Barcelona (Women) - Real Betis (Women)
    • CA Malaga (Women)CA Malaga (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018CA Malaga (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)
    • Champions LeagueAtl. Madrid (Women)Atl. Madrid (Women)0000null:null-27.10.2018Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women)30.09.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - UD Granadilla Tenerife (Women)2:0Win16.09.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - CDEF Logrono (Women)6:0Win
    • Espanyol (Women)Espanyol (Women)0000null:null-04.11.2018Espanyol (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)22.09.2018Espanyol (Women) - Barcelona (Women)0:3Lose16.09.2018Valencia (Women) - Espanyol (Women)3:0Lose
    • Athletic Bilbao (Women)Athletic Bilbao (Women)0000null:null-04.11.2018Espanyol (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)14.10.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:1Win29.09.2018Rayo Vallecano (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)1:1Draw16.09.2018Sporting de Huelva (Women) - Athletic Bilbao (Women)0:0Draw09.09.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Barcelona (Women)0:1Lose
    • RelegationCDEF Logrono (Women)CDEF Logrono (Women)0000null:null-18.11.2018Madrid CFF (Women) - CDEF Logrono (Women)23.09.2018CDEF Logrono (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women)2:2Draw16.09.2018Atl. Madrid (Women) - CDEF Logrono (Women)6:0Lose09.09.2018CDEF Logrono (Women) - Valencia (Women)0:0Draw
    • Champions LeagueBarcelona (Women)Barcelona (Women)0000null:null-28.10.2018Barcelona (Women) - Real Betis (Women)14.10.2018Barcelona (Women) - Rayo Vallecano (Women)9:1Win22.09.2018Espanyol (Women) - Barcelona (Women)0:3Win09.09.2018Athletic Bilbao (Women) - Barcelona (Women)0:1Win


    Champions League

    Primera Division Women championship organized by Spain. League applicants: 16 football teams. As of today in teams closest to the final first place football marathon are as follows:

    Fundacion Albacete (Women) - null points, null won matches, null defeats, null draws.

    Levante (Women) - null points, null won matches, null lost matches, null draws.

    Madrid CFF (Women) - null points, null won matches, null defeats, null draws.

    As of 23.10.2018, standings show that football clubs are in the following intermediate zones:

    Relegation - Sporting de Huelva (Women), CDEF Logrono (Women)

    Champions League - Atl. Madrid (Women), Barcelona (Women)

    On portal you can see football schedule and Primera Division Women (Spain) live matches.
    Schedule of the most interesting football clubs - Primera Division Women (Spain):

    Fundacion Albacete (Women) - Atl. Madrid (Women) (27.10.2018 14:00)

    Barcelona (Women) - Real Betis (Women) (28.10.2018 12:00)

    Madrid CFF (Women) - Real Sociedad (Women) (28.10.2018 15:00)

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