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    • 1Ross County U20 logoRoss County U2032206663:406601.05.2017Ross County U20 - Hamilton U201:2Lose25.04.2017Dundee United U20 - Ross County U202:2Draw18.04.2017Ross County U20 - Hibernian Edinburgh U202:0Win10.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - Ross County U200:1Win06.04.2017Ross County U20 - St Mirren U201:0Win
    • 2Hamilton U20 logoHamilton U2032197672:396404.05.2017Hamilton U20 - Celtic U200:0Draw01.05.2017Ross County U20 - Hamilton U201:2Win18.04.2017Dunfermline U20 - Hamilton U201:4Win11.04.2017Hamilton U20 - St Johnstone U202:2Draw03.04.2017Kilmarnock U20 - Hamilton U200:4Win
    • 3Celtic U20 logoCeltic U2032196761:266304.05.2017Hamilton U20 - Celtic U200:0Draw01.05.2017Celtic U20 - Kilmarnock U202:2Draw20.04.2017Celtic U20 - Aberdeen U204:0Win17.04.2017Celtic U20 - Dundee United U201:0Win14.04.2017Celtic U20 - Rangers U204:0Win
    • 4Hibernian Edinburgh U20 logoHibernian Edinburgh U2032194967:436101.05.2017Heart U20 - Hibernian Edinburgh U203:1Lose25.04.2017Hibernian Edinburgh U20 - Partick Thistle U204:0Win18.04.2017Ross County U20 - Hibernian Edinburgh U202:0Lose11.04.2017Hibernian Edinburgh U20 - Celtic U202:1Win06.04.2017Celtic U20 - Hibernian Edinburgh U203:0Lose
    • 5Motherwell U20 logoMotherwell U2032176966:395704.05.2017Rangers U20 - Motherwell U202:1Lose01.05.2017Motherwell U20 - Inverness U203:0Win18.04.2017Motherwell U20 - Falkirk U203:2Win10.04.2017Motherwell U20 - St Mirren U204:0Win28.03.2017Motherwell U20 - Dundee U200:0Draw
    • 6Rangers U20 logoRangers U20321561153:475104.05.2017Rangers U20 - Motherwell U202:1Win01.05.2017St Mirren U20 - Rangers U202:3Win18.04.2017Dundee U20 - Rangers U200:5Win14.04.2017Celtic U20 - Rangers U204:0Lose10.04.2017Rangers U20 - Heart U202:1Win
    • 7Falkirk U20 logoFalkirk U20321471157:524925.04.2017Falkirk U20 - St Mirren U203:2Win18.04.2017Motherwell U20 - Falkirk U203:2Lose11.04.2017Falkirk U20 - Dundee U203:0Win06.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - Falkirk U202:0Lose03.04.2017Heart U20 - Falkirk U203:1Lose
    • 8Partick Thistle U20 logoPartick Thistle U20321531461:644801.05.2017Partick Thistle U20 - Dundee United U204:2Win28.04.2017Partick Thistle U20 - St Mirren U201:0Win25.04.2017Hibernian Edinburgh U20 - Partick Thistle U204:0Lose17.04.2017Partick Thistle U20 - Aberdeen U202:1Win11.04.2017Inverness U20 - Partick Thistle U201:3Win
    • 9Aberdeen U20 logoAberdeen U20321441456:584602.05.2017Dundee U20 - Aberdeen U200:2Win25.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - Heart U201:3Lose20.04.2017Celtic U20 - Aberdeen U204:0Lose17.04.2017Partick Thistle U20 - Aberdeen U202:1Lose14.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - St Johnstone U202:0Win
    • 10Dunfermline U20 logoDunfermline U20321351445:534402.05.2017Dunfermline U20 - St Johnstone U202:1Win25.04.2017Kilmarnock U20 - Dunfermline U201:2Win18.04.2017Dunfermline U20 - Hamilton U201:4Lose14.04.2017Dundee United U20 - Dunfermline U202:2Draw06.04.2017Dunfermline U20 - Inverness U201:1Draw
    • 11Heart U20 logoHeart U20321271348:464301.05.2017Heart U20 - Hibernian Edinburgh U203:1Win25.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - Heart U201:3Win17.04.2017Heart U20 - Inverness U203:1Win10.04.2017Rangers U20 - Heart U202:1Lose03.04.2017Heart U20 - Falkirk U203:1Win
    • 12Kilmarnock U20 logoKilmarnock U2032951851:683201.05.2017Celtic U20 - Kilmarnock U202:2Draw27.04.2017Dundee U20 - Kilmarnock U201:1Draw25.04.2017Kilmarnock U20 - Dunfermline U201:2Lose18.04.2017St Johnstone U20 - Kilmarnock U203:4Win03.04.2017Kilmarnock U20 - Hamilton U200:4Lose
    • 13St Mirren U20 logoSt Mirren U2032941946:703101.05.2017St Mirren U20 - Rangers U202:3Lose28.04.2017Partick Thistle U20 - St Mirren U201:0Lose25.04.2017Falkirk U20 - St Mirren U203:2Lose10.04.2017Motherwell U20 - St Mirren U204:0Lose06.04.2017Ross County U20 - St Mirren U201:0Lose
    • 14Dundee United U20 logoDundee United U2032791649:663001.05.2017Partick Thistle U20 - Dundee United U204:2Lose28.04.2017Dundee United U20 - St Johnstone U201:1Draw25.04.2017Dundee United U20 - Ross County U202:2Draw17.04.2017Celtic U20 - Dundee United U201:0Lose14.04.2017Dundee United U20 - Dunfermline U202:2Draw
    • 15Dundee U20 logoDundee U2032771832:572802.05.2017Dundee U20 - Aberdeen U200:2Lose27.04.2017Dundee U20 - Kilmarnock U201:1Draw25.04.2017Inverness U20 - Dundee U201:2Win18.04.2017Dundee U20 - Rangers U200:5Lose11.04.2017Falkirk U20 - Dundee U203:0Lose
    • 16Inverness U20 logoInverness U2032761932:662701.05.2017Motherwell U20 - Inverness U203:0Lose25.04.2017Inverness U20 - Dundee U201:2Lose17.04.2017Heart U20 - Inverness U203:1Lose11.04.2017Inverness U20 - Partick Thistle U201:3Lose06.04.2017Dunfermline U20 - Inverness U201:1Draw
    • 17St Johnstone U20 logoSt Johnstone U20325101734:592502.05.2017Dunfermline U20 - St Johnstone U202:1Lose28.04.2017Dundee United U20 - St Johnstone U201:1Draw18.04.2017St Johnstone U20 - Kilmarnock U203:4Lose14.04.2017Aberdeen U20 - St Johnstone U202:0Lose11.04.2017Hamilton U20 - St Johnstone U202:2Draw
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