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    • U19 Championship, Group North
    • Final Round1Porto U19 logoPorto U19541014:11330.09.2017Moreirense U19 - Porto U1922.09.2017Porto U19 - Paços de Ferreira U194:0Win16.09.2017Leixoes U19 - Porto U190:0Draw09.09.2017Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:1Win26.08.2017CD Aves - Porto U190:6Win19.08.2017Porto U19 - Rio Ave U191:0Win
    • Final Round2Moreirense U19 logoMoreirense U1954109:41330.09.2017Moreirense U19 - Porto U1923.09.2017Gil Vicente U19 - Moreirense U192:3Win16.09.2017Moreirense U19 - Braga U192:1Win09.09.2017Chaves U19 - Moreirense U190:1Win26.08.2017Moreirense U19 - FC Cesarense2:0Win19.08.2017Boavista Porto - Moreirense U191:1Draw
    • Final Round3Braga U19 logoBraga U19531111:61030.09.2017Chaves U19 - Braga U1923.09.2017Braga U19 - FC Cesarense3:0Win16.09.2017Moreirense U19 - Braga U192:1Lose09.09.2017Braga U19 - Paços de Ferreira U193:2Win26.08.2017Leixoes U19 - Braga U191:1Draw19.08.2017Braga U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:1Win
    • Final Round4Leixoes U19 logoLeixoes U1951408:6730.09.2017Leixoes U19 - CD Aves23.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - Leixoes U192:2Draw16.09.2017Leixoes U19 - Porto U190:0Draw09.09.2017Gil Vicente U19 - Leixoes U192:2Draw26.08.2017Leixoes U19 - Braga U191:1Draw19.08.2017Chaves U19 - Leixoes U191:3Win
    • Next group phase5Vitoria Guimaraes U19 logoVitoria Guimaraes U19521211:10730.09.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Boavista Porto23.09.2017CD Aves - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:3Draw16.09.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Rio Ave U193:1Win09.09.2017Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:1Lose26.08.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Gil Vicente U193:0Win19.08.2017Braga U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:1Lose
    • Next group phase6Boavista Porto logoBoavista Porto52128:9730.09.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Boavista Porto23.09.2017Boavista Porto - Chaves U192:0Win16.09.2017CD Aves - Boavista Porto2:3Win10.09.2017Boavista Porto - FC Cesarense2:3Lose02.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - Boavista Porto3:0Lose19.08.2017Boavista Porto - Moreirense U191:1Draw
    • Next group phase7Paços de Ferreira U19 logoPaços de Ferreira U1952036:11630.09.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Rio Ave U1922.09.2017Porto U19 - Paços de Ferreira U194:0Lose16.09.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Gil Vicente U190:3Lose09.09.2017Braga U19 - Paços de Ferreira U193:2Lose27.08.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Chaves U192:0Win19.08.2017FC Cesarense - Paços de Ferreira U191:2Win
    • Next group phase8FC Cesarense logoFC Cesarense52036:10630.09.2017FC Cesarense - Gil Vicente U1923.09.2017Braga U19 - FC Cesarense3:0Lose16.09.2017FC Cesarense - Chaves U192:1Win10.09.2017Boavista Porto - FC Cesarense2:3Win26.08.2017Moreirense U19 - FC Cesarense2:0Lose19.08.2017FC Cesarense - Paços de Ferreira U191:2Lose
    • Next group phase9Rio Ave U19 logoRio Ave U1951227:7530.09.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Rio Ave U1923.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - Leixoes U192:2Draw16.09.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Rio Ave U193:1Lose09.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - CD Aves1:1Draw02.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - Boavista Porto3:0Win19.08.2017Porto U19 - Rio Ave U191:0Lose
    • Next group phase10CD Aves logoCD Aves51229:14530.09.2017Leixoes U19 - CD Aves23.09.2017CD Aves - Vitoria Guimaraes U193:3Draw16.09.2017CD Aves - Boavista Porto2:3Lose09.09.2017Rio Ave U19 - CD Aves1:1Draw26.08.2017CD Aves - Porto U190:6Lose19.08.2017Gil Vicente U19 - CD Aves1:3Win
    • Next group phase11Gil Vicente U19 logoGil Vicente U1951138:11430.09.2017FC Cesarense - Gil Vicente U1923.09.2017Gil Vicente U19 - Moreirense U192:3Lose16.09.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Gil Vicente U190:3Win09.09.2017Gil Vicente U19 - Leixoes U192:2Draw26.08.2017Vitoria Guimaraes U19 - Gil Vicente U193:0Lose19.08.2017Gil Vicente U19 - CD Aves1:3Lose
    • Next group phase12Chaves U19 logoChaves U1950052:10030.09.2017Chaves U19 - Braga U1923.09.2017Boavista Porto - Chaves U192:0Lose16.09.2017FC Cesarense - Chaves U192:1Lose09.09.2017Chaves U19 - Moreirense U190:1Lose27.08.2017Paços de Ferreira U19 - Chaves U192:0Lose19.08.2017Chaves U19 - Leixoes U191:3Lose
    • U19 Championship, Group South
    • Final Round1Sporting Lissabon U19 logoSporting Lissabon U19540113:41230.09.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Sporting Lissabon U1923.09.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Estoril Praia U195:1Win16.09.2017Benfica U19 - Sporting Lissabon U190:2Win08.09.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Academica de Coimbra U192:3Lose26.08.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Naval U192:0Win18.08.2017AC Alcanenense - Sporting Lissabon U190:2Win
    • Final Round2Benfica U19 logoBenfica U19531114:61030.09.2017Benfica U19 - Naval U1923.09.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - Benfica U193:5Win16.09.2017Benfica U19 - Sporting Lissabon U190:2Lose09.09.2017AC Alcanenense - Benfica U191:3Win06.09.2017Benfica U19 - Sacavenense U196:0Win19.08.2017Belenenses U19 - Benfica U190:0Draw
    • Final Round3Vitoria Setubal U19 logoVitoria Setubal U1953118:31030.09.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Sporting Lissabon U1923.09.2017AC Alcanenense - Vitoria Setubal U190:4Win16.09.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Sacavenense U191:0Win10.09.2017Belenenses U19 - Vitoria Setubal U191:1Draw26.08.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Real Sport Clube2:1Win19.08.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Vitoria Setubal U191:0Lose
    • Final Round4Uniao de Leiria U19 logoUniao de Leiria U1953118:41030.09.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - AC Alcanenense23.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Uniao de Leiria U190:0Draw16.09.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - Belenenses U192:1Win09.09.2017Real Sport Clube - Uniao de Leiria U192:0Lose26.08.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade4:1Win19.08.2017Naval U19 - Uniao de Leiria U190:2Win
    • Next group phase5Estoril Praia U19 logoEstoril Praia U1953116:61030.09.2017Estoril Praia U19 - Academica de Coimbra U1923.09.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Estoril Praia U195:1Lose16.09.2017Estoril Praia U19 - AC Alcanenense1:0Win09.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Estoril Praia U190:2Win26.08.2017Estoril Praia U19 - Belenenses U191:1Draw19.08.2017Real Sport Clube - Estoril Praia U190:1Win
    • Next group phase6CD Cova Da Piedade logoCD Cova Da Piedade53027:6930.09.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Sacavenense U1923.09.2017Belenenses U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade2:1Lose16.09.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Real Sport Clube1:0Win10.09.2017Naval U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade0:3Win26.08.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade4:1Lose19.08.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Vitoria Setubal U191:0Win
    • Next group phase7Academica de Coimbra U19 logoAcademica de Coimbra U19522114:11830.09.2017Estoril Praia U19 - Academica de Coimbra U1923.09.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - Benfica U193:5Lose16.09.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - Naval U196:2Win08.09.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Academica de Coimbra U192:3Win02.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Academica de Coimbra U191:1Draw26.08.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - AC Alcanenense1:1Draw
    • Next group phase8Real Sport Clube logoReal Sport Clube520310:4630.09.2017Real Sport Clube - Belenenses U1923.09.2017Naval U19 - Real Sport Clube0:7Win16.09.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Real Sport Clube1:0Lose09.09.2017Real Sport Clube - Uniao de Leiria U192:0Win26.08.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Real Sport Clube2:1Lose19.08.2017Real Sport Clube - Estoril Praia U190:1Lose
    • Next group phase9Belenenses U19 logoBelenenses U1951315:5630.09.2017Real Sport Clube - Belenenses U1923.09.2017Belenenses U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade2:1Win16.09.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - Belenenses U192:1Lose10.09.2017Belenenses U19 - Vitoria Setubal U191:1Draw26.08.2017Estoril Praia U19 - Belenenses U191:1Draw19.08.2017Belenenses U19 - Benfica U190:0Draw
    • Next group phase10Sacavenense U19 logoSacavenense U1950231:10230.09.2017CD Cova Da Piedade - Sacavenense U1923.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Uniao de Leiria U190:0Draw16.09.2017Vitoria Setubal U19 - Sacavenense U191:0Lose09.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Estoril Praia U190:2Lose06.09.2017Benfica U19 - Sacavenense U196:0Lose02.09.2017Sacavenense U19 - Academica de Coimbra U191:1Draw
    • Next group phase11AC Alcanenense logoAC Alcanenense50142:11130.09.2017Uniao de Leiria U19 - AC Alcanenense23.09.2017AC Alcanenense - Vitoria Setubal U190:4Lose16.09.2017Estoril Praia U19 - AC Alcanenense1:0Lose09.09.2017AC Alcanenense - Benfica U191:3Lose26.08.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - AC Alcanenense1:1Draw18.08.2017AC Alcanenense - Sporting Lissabon U190:2Lose
    • Next group phase12Naval U19 logoNaval U1950052:20030.09.2017Benfica U19 - Naval U1923.09.2017Naval U19 - Real Sport Clube0:7Lose16.09.2017Academica de Coimbra U19 - Naval U196:2Lose10.09.2017Naval U19 - CD Cova Da Piedade0:3Lose26.08.2017Sporting Lissabon U19 - Naval U192:0Lose19.08.2017Naval U19 - Uniao de Leiria U190:2Lose

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