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    • Champions League1Plateau UnitedPlateau United381991049:256609.09.2017Plateau United - Enugu Rangers2:0Win03.09.2017Wikki Tourist - Plateau United1:0Lose27.08.2017Plateau United - Rivers United1:1Draw20.08.2017ABC RN - Plateau United2:0Lose13.08.2017Plateau United - MFM1:0Win
    • Champions League2MFMMFM381951442:416209.09.2017El Kanemi Warriors - MFM2:1Lose03.09.2017MFM - Nasarawa United2:0Win27.08.2017Abia Warriors - MFM1:0Lose20.08.2017MFM - Gombe United FC1:0Win13.08.2017Plateau United - MFM1:0Lose
    • CAF Confederation Cup3EnyimbaEnyimba381871343:286109.09.2017Enyimba - Katsina United Fc1:0Win03.09.2017Enugu Rangers - Enyimba1:1Draw27.08.2017Enyimba - Wikki Tourist4:0Win20.08.2017Rivers United - Enyimba2:1Lose13.08.2017Enyimba - ABC RN3:0Win
    • 4Akwa UnitedAkwa United381791246:306009.09.2017Akwa United - Kano Pillars3:0Win03.09.2017Shooting Stars - Akwa United1:0Lose25.08.2017Akwa United - Lobi Stars2:1Win20.08.2017Ifeanyi Ubah - Akwa United1:0Lose13.08.2017Akwa United - Niger Tornadoes3:0Win
    • 5Nasarawa UnitedNasarawa United381681435:305609.09.2017Nasarawa United - ABC RN2:1Win03.09.2017MFM - Nasarawa United2:0Lose27.08.2017Nasarawa United - Kano Pillars1:0Win20.08.2017Shooting Stars - Nasarawa United2:0Lose13.08.2017Nasarawa United - Lobi Stars1:0Win
    • 6El Kanemi WarriorsEl Kanemi Warriors381821839:435609.09.2017El Kanemi Warriors - MFM2:1Win03.09.2017Kano Pillars - El Kanemi Warriors2:0Lose27.08.2017El Kanemi Warriors - Shooting Stars1:1Draw20.08.2017Lobi Stars - El Kanemi Warriors3:2Lose14.08.2017El Kanemi Warriors - Ifeanyi Ubah2:0Win
    • 7Lobi StarsLobi Stars381591443:395409.09.2017Ifeanyi Ubah - Lobi Stars1:1Draw03.09.2017Lobi Stars - Niger Tornadoes1:0Win25.08.2017Akwa United - Lobi Stars2:1Lose20.08.2017Lobi Stars - El Kanemi Warriors3:2Win13.08.2017Nasarawa United - Lobi Stars1:0Lose
    • 8Kano PillarsKano Pillars381661638:355409.09.2017Akwa United - Kano Pillars3:0Lose03.09.2017Kano Pillars - El Kanemi Warriors2:0Win27.08.2017Nasarawa United - Kano Pillars1:0Lose20.08.2017Kano Pillars - Abia Warriors2:0Win13.08.2017Gombe United FC - Kano Pillars1:0Lose
    • 9Ifeanyi UbahIfeanyi Ubah371591338:365409.09.2017Ifeanyi Ubah - Lobi Stars1:1Draw03.09.2017Sunshine Stars - Ifeanyi Ubah4:0Lose20.08.2017Ifeanyi Ubah - Akwa United1:0Win14.08.2017El Kanemi Warriors - Ifeanyi Ubah2:0Lose06.08.2017Ifeanyi Ubah - Nasarawa United1:0Win
    • 10Sunshine StarsSunshine Stars381731841:435409.09.2017Remo Stars - Sunshine Stars0:1Win03.09.2017Sunshine Stars - Ifeanyi Ubah4:0Win27.08.2017Katsina United Fc - Sunshine Stars2:0Lose20.08.2017Sunshine Stars - Niger Tornadoes2:1Win13.08.2017Enugu Rangers - Sunshine Stars1:0Lose
    • 11Abia WarriorsAbia Warriors381581544:365309.09.2017Abia Warriors - Rivers United4:1Win03.09.2017ABC RN - Abia Warriors2:1Lose27.08.2017Abia Warriors - MFM1:0Win20.08.2017Kano Pillars - Abia Warriors2:0Lose13.08.2017Abia Warriors - Shooting Stars2:0Win
    • 12Enugu RangersEnugu Rangers3814111339:445309.09.2017Plateau United - Enugu Rangers2:0Lose03.09.2017Enugu Rangers - Enyimba1:1Draw27.08.2017Remo Stars - Enugu Rangers1:2Win20.08.2017Enugu Rangers - Katsina United Fc2:1Win13.08.2017Enugu Rangers - Sunshine Stars1:0Win
    • 13Wikki TouristWikki Tourist381651736:415309.09.2017Gombe United FC - Wikki Tourist0:1Win03.09.2017Wikki Tourist - Plateau United1:0Win27.08.2017Enyimba - Wikki Tourist4:0Lose20.08.2017Wikki Tourist - Remo Stars2:0Win13.08.2017Katsina United Fc - Wikki Tourist2:0Lose
    • 14Rivers UnitedRivers United3814101434:335209.09.2017Abia Warriors - Rivers United4:1Lose03.09.2017Rivers United - Gombe United FC3:0Win27.08.2017Plateau United - Rivers United1:1Draw20.08.2017Rivers United - Enyimba2:1Win13.08.2017Remo Stars - Rivers United1:3Win
    • 15Katsina United FcKatsina United Fc381571637:385209.09.2017Enyimba - Katsina United Fc1:0Lose03.09.2017Katsina United Fc - Remo Stars3:0Win27.08.2017Katsina United Fc - Sunshine Stars2:0Win20.08.2017Enugu Rangers - Katsina United Fc2:1Lose13.08.2017Katsina United Fc - Wikki Tourist2:0Win
    • 16Niger TornadoesNiger Tornadoes371561629:345109.09.2017Niger Tornadoes - Shooting Stars2:0Win03.09.2017Lobi Stars - Niger Tornadoes1:0Lose20.08.2017Sunshine Stars - Niger Tornadoes2:1Lose13.08.2017Akwa United - Niger Tornadoes3:0Lose06.08.2017Niger Tornadoes - El Kanemi Warriors1:0Win
    • Relegation17Shooting StarsShooting Stars3813111432:385009.09.2017Niger Tornadoes - Shooting Stars2:0Lose03.09.2017Shooting Stars - Akwa United1:0Win27.08.2017El Kanemi Warriors - Shooting Stars1:1Draw20.08.2017Shooting Stars - Nasarawa United2:0Win13.08.2017Abia Warriors - Shooting Stars2:0Lose
    • Relegation18ABC RNABC RN381471737:504909.09.2017Nasarawa United - ABC RN2:1Lose03.09.2017ABC RN - Abia Warriors2:1Win27.08.2017Gombe United FC - ABC RN2:1Lose20.08.2017ABC RN - Plateau United2:0Win13.08.2017Enyimba - ABC RN3:0Lose
    • Relegation19Gombe United FCGombe United FC3811101732:484309.09.2017Gombe United FC - Wikki Tourist0:1Lose03.09.2017Rivers United - Gombe United FC3:0Lose27.08.2017Gombe United FC - ABC RN2:1Win20.08.2017MFM - Gombe United FC1:0Lose13.08.2017Gombe United FC - Kano Pillars1:0Win
    • Relegation20Remo StarsRemo Stars38782327:492909.09.2017Remo Stars - Sunshine Stars0:1Lose03.09.2017Katsina United Fc - Remo Stars3:0Lose27.08.2017Remo Stars - Enugu Rangers1:2Lose20.08.2017Wikki Tourist - Remo Stars2:0Lose13.08.2017Remo Stars - Rivers United1:3Lose

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