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    • AFC Cup1Al-AhedAl-Ahed19136041:84521.03.2018Al-Ahed - Salam Zgharta21.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Al-Ahed0:0Draw16.02.2018Racing Beirut - Al-Ahed1:3Win02.02.2018Al-Ahed - Tadamon Sour2:0Win27.01.2018Tripoli - Al-Ahed0:1Win20.01.2018Al-Ahed - Al Nabi Sheet4:1Win
    • 2Nejmeh BeirutNejmeh Beirut19141436:194325.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Nejmeh Beirut3:1Lose18.02.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Al Islah Bourg Shamal4:0Win03.02.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Racing Beirut1:0Win26.01.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Tadamon Sour2:0Win21.01.2018Tripoli - Nejmeh Beirut1:2Win
    • 3SafaSafa2096529:233310.03.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Safa0:3Win22.02.2018Safa - AL Ansar2:2Draw04.02.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - Safa0:0Draw27.01.2018Safa - Al Islah Bourg Shamal3:1Win21.01.2018Safa - Racing Beirut0:0Draw
    • 4Salam ZghartaSalam Zgharta1995529:233221.03.2018Al-Ahed - Salam Zgharta25.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Nejmeh Beirut3:1Win18.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Tripoli1:1Draw04.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Al Nabi Sheet4:3Win28.01.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - Salam Zgharta1:3Win20.01.2018Salam Zgharta - Al Islah Bourg Shamal0:0Draw
    • 5Al Akhaa Al Ahli AleyAl Akhaa Al Ahli Aley19612121:143021.03.2018AL Ansar - Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley21.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Al-Ahed0:0Draw17.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Tadamon Sour2:2Draw02.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Tripoli2:1Win27.01.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley0:0Draw20.01.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1:1Draw
    • 6Tadamon SourTadamon Sour1975722:222618.03.2018Tripoli - Tadamon Sour1:0Lose25.02.2018Tadamon Sour - Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1:0Win17.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Tadamon Sour2:2Draw02.02.2018Al-Ahed - Tadamon Sour2:0Lose26.01.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Tadamon Sour2:0Lose
    • 7AL AnsarAL Ansar1875630:222621.03.2018AL Ansar - Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley22.02.2018Safa - AL Ansar2:2Draw17.02.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - AL Ansar1:0Lose03.02.2018Al Islah Bourg Shamal - AL Ansar3:1Lose28.01.2018AL Ansar - Racing Beirut2:0Win20.01.2018Tadamon Sour - AL Ansar2:0Lose
    • 8Racing BeirutRacing Beirut19621116:242018.03.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Racing Beirut2:0Lose04.03.2018Racing Beirut - Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1:0Win24.02.2018Al Islah Bourg Shamal - Racing Beirut0:1Win16.02.2018Racing Beirut - Al-Ahed1:3Lose03.02.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Racing Beirut1:0Lose
    • 9TripoliTripoli1946922:291818.03.2018Tripoli - Tadamon Sour1:0Win24.02.2018Tripoli - Al Nabi Sheet3:0Win18.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Tripoli1:1Draw02.02.2018Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley - Tripoli2:1Lose27.01.2018Tripoli - Al-Ahed0:1Lose
    • 10Al Nabi SheetAl Nabi Sheet19351115:341418.03.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Racing Beirut2:0Win10.03.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Safa0:3Lose24.02.2018Tripoli - Al Nabi Sheet3:0Lose04.02.2018Salam Zgharta - Al Nabi Sheet4:3Lose27.01.2018Al Nabi Sheet - Al Akhaa Al Ahli Aley0:0Draw
    • Relegation11Al Islah Bourg ShamalAl Islah Bourg Shamal19341212:381324.02.2018Al Islah Bourg Shamal - Racing Beirut0:1Lose18.02.2018Nejmeh Beirut - Al Islah Bourg Shamal4:0Lose03.02.2018Al Islah Bourg Shamal - AL Ansar3:1Win27.01.2018Safa - Al Islah Bourg Shamal3:1Lose20.01.2018Salam Zgharta - Al Islah Bourg Shamal0:0Draw
    • Relegation12Al Shabab Al Arabi BeirutAl Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1925129:261104.03.2018Racing Beirut - Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1:0Lose25.02.2018Tadamon Sour - Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut1:0Lose17.02.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - AL Ansar1:0Win04.02.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - Safa0:0Draw28.01.2018Al Shabab Al Arabi Beirut - Salam Zgharta1:3Lose

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