Oberliga NOFV North - Football -  Germany

Oberliga NOFV North

Oberliga NOFV North championship organized by Germany Amateur. Championship participants: 17 teams. Today in teams closest to the final first place contest are as follows:

Brandenburger - null points, null won matches, null no-point matches, null draws.

SpVgg Blau-Weiss 1890 Berlin - null points, null triumphs, null lost games, null draws.

Hertha 06 - null points, null wins, null lost games, null draws.

As of 21.01.2019, standings show that teams are in the following intermediate zones:

Relegation - Brandenburger, Malchower, Lok Stendal

Promotion - Lichtenberg 47

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Schedule of coming matches - Oberliga NOFV North (Germany Amateur):

Hertha 03 - Brandenburger (24.02.2019 12:00)

Anker Wismar - Torgelower Greif (24.02.2019 12:00)

SC Staaken 1919 - Tennis Borussia Berlin (24.02.2019 12:00)

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