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    • Champions League1Olympique Lyon (Women)Olympique Lyon (Women)18180088:45401.04.2018Olympique Lyon (Women) - Albi (Women)4:0Win17.03.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Olympique Lyon (Women)1:10Win11.03.2018Olympique Lyon (Women) - Soyaux (Women)5:0Win18.02.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - Olympique Lyon (Women)0:4Win05.02.2018Olympique Lyon (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)2:1Win
    • Champions League2Montpellier HSC (Women)Montpellier HSC (Women)18141357:214322.04.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)0:0Draw01.04.2018Montpellier HSC (Women) - Paris Saint-Germain (Women)3:0Win18.03.2018Montpellier HSC (Women) - Paris FC (Women)2:1Win11.03.2018EA Guingamp (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)1:3Win21.02.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)1:1Draw
    • 3Paris Saint-Germain (Women)Paris Saint-Germain (Women)17141247:114301.04.2018Montpellier HSC (Women) - Paris Saint-Germain (Women)3:0Lose12.03.2018Paris Saint-Germain (Women) - Paris FC (Women)4:1Win18.02.2018Albi (Women) - Paris Saint-Germain (Women)0:4Win04.02.2018Paris Saint-Germain (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)2:0Win13.01.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Paris Saint-Germain (Women)1:3Win
    • 4Paris FC (Women)Paris FC (Women)1864827:352222.04.2018Soyaux (Women) - Paris FC (Women)1:1Draw01.04.2018Paris FC (Women) - Girondins Bordeaux (Women)1:1Draw18.03.2018Montpellier HSC (Women) - Paris FC (Women)2:1Lose12.03.2018Paris Saint-Germain (Women) - Paris FC (Women)4:1Lose17.02.2018Paris FC (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:3Lose
    • 5Girondins Bordeaux (Women)Girondins Bordeaux (Women)1856718:292122.04.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)0:0Draw01.04.2018Paris FC (Women) - Girondins Bordeaux (Women)1:1Draw18.03.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018Rodez Aveyron (Women) - Girondins Bordeaux (Women)2:2Draw18.02.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - Olympique Lyon (Women)0:4Lose
    • 6Soyaux (Women)Soyaux (Women)1855816:312022.04.2018Soyaux (Women) - Paris FC (Women)1:1Draw18.03.2018Soyaux (Women) - Rodez Aveyron (Women)3:2Win11.03.2018Olympique Lyon (Women) - Soyaux (Women)5:0Lose18.02.2018Soyaux (Women) - Olympique Marseille (Women)2:1Win04.02.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Soyaux (Women)1:0Lose
    • Relegation7EA Guingamp (Women)EA Guingamp (Women)1854916:301922.04.2018Lille Losc (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:0Lose18.03.2018Girondins Bordeaux (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:1Draw11.03.2018EA Guingamp (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)1:3Lose17.02.2018Paris FC (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:3Win04.02.2018Paris Saint-Germain (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)2:0Lose
    • 8Lille Losc (Women)Lille Losc (Women)1845920:421722.04.2018Lille Losc (Women) - EA Guingamp (Women)1:0Win17.03.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Olympique Lyon (Women)1:10Lose11.03.2018Olympique Marseille (Women) - Lille Losc (Women)0:2Win18.02.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Fc Fleury 91 (Women)2:2Draw11.02.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Paris FC (Women)1:1Draw
    • 9Albi (Women)Albi (Women)1844109:321622.04.2018Albi (Women) - Rodez Aveyron (Women)1:0Win01.04.2018Olympique Lyon (Women) - Albi (Women)4:0Lose18.03.2018Albi (Women) - Olympique Marseille (Women)0:2Lose11.03.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Albi (Women)0:1Win18.02.2018Albi (Women) - Paris Saint-Germain (Women)0:4Lose
    • 10Fc Fleury 91 (Women)Fc Fleury 91 (Women)1643916:351501.04.2018Olympique Marseille (Women) - Fc Fleury 91 (Women)0:1Win11.03.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Albi (Women)0:1Lose21.02.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Montpellier HSC (Women)1:1Draw18.02.2018Lille Losc (Women) - Fc Fleury 91 (Women)2:2Draw04.02.2018Fc Fleury 91 (Women) - Soyaux (Women)1:0Win
    • 11Rodez Aveyron (Women)Rodez Aveyron (Women)1836917:441522.04.2018Albi (Women) - Rodez Aveyron (Women)1:0Lose18.03.2018Soyaux (Women) - Rodez Aveyron (Women)3:2Lose11.03.2018Rodez Aveyron (Women) - Girondins Bordeaux (Women)2:2Draw17.02.2018Montpellier HSC (Women) - Rodez Aveyron (Women)2:1Lose04.02.2018Rodez Aveyron (Women) - Paris FC (Women)0:0Draw
    • Relegation12Olympique Marseille (Women)Olympique Marseille (Women)17331116:331201.04.2018Olympique Marseille (Women) - Fc Fleury 91 (Women)0:1Lose18.03.2018Albi (Women) - Olympique Marseille (Women)0:2Win11.03.2018Olympique Marseille (Women) - Lille Losc (Women)0:2Lose18.02.2018Soyaux (Women) - Olympique Marseille (Women)2:1Lose04.02.2018Olympique Marseille (Women) - Girondins Bordeaux (Women)1:0Win

    Champions League


    Division 1 Women championship organized by France. Tournament registrants: 12 football teams. This season in teams closest to the first place according to the results football marathon are as follows:

    Olympique Lyon (Women) - 54 points, 18 wins, 0 lost games, 0 draws.

    Montpellier HSC (Women) - 43 points, 14 triumphs, 3 lost games, 1 draws.

    Paris Saint-Germain (Women) - 43 points, 14 won matches, 2 lost matches, 1 draws.

    As of 19.10.2018, standings show that teams are in the following intermediate zones:

    Champions League - Olympique Lyon (Women), Montpellier HSC (Women)

    Relegation - EA Guingamp (Women), Olympique Marseille (Women)

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