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    • Promotion1Hereford UnitedHereford United40305597:329521.04.2018Hereford United - Kettering Town09.04.2018Hitchin Town - Hereford United0:0Draw24.03.2018Hereford United - Gosport Borough5:1Win20.03.2018Hereford United - Frome Town1:0Win17.03.2018Basingstoke Town - Hereford United3:1Lose10.03.2018Hereford United - Kings Lynn0:2Lose
    • Promotion Playoffs2Kings LynnKings Lynn41287691:349121.04.2018Kings Lynn - St Neots Town31.03.2018Stratford Town - Kings Lynn1:5Win24.03.2018Redditch United - Kings Lynn0:1Win17.03.2018Kings Lynn - Farnborough Town3:1Win13.03.2018Kings Lynn - Slough Town1:0Win10.03.2018Hereford United - Kings Lynn0:2Win
    • Promotion Playoffs3WeymouthWeymouth40266889:428421.04.2018Kings Langley - Weymouth02.04.2018Weymouth - Gosport Borough5:0Win27.03.2018Weymouth - Slough Town1:0Win24.03.2018Chesham Utd - Weymouth0:6Win17.03.2018Weymouth - Dunstable Town2:0Win10.03.2018Biggleswade Town - Weymouth1:2Win
    • Promotion Playoffs4Kettering TownKettering Town38257697:438221.04.2018Hereford United - Kettering Town27.03.2018Kettering Town - Dorchester Town4:3Win24.03.2018Kettering Town - Frome Town3:0Win20.03.2018Kettering Town - Royston Town4:1Win17.03.2018Stratford Town - Kettering Town0:4Win24.02.2018Chesham Utd - Kettering Town2:0Lose
    • Promotion Playoffs5Slough TownSlough Town37228789:427421.04.2018Dorchester Town - Slough Town10.04.2018Biggleswade Town - Slough Town2:3Win04.04.2018Frome Town - Slough Town0:4Win02.04.2018Slough Town - Chesham Utd2:1Win30.03.2018Dunstable Town - Slough Town0:3Win27.03.2018Weymouth - Slough Town1:0Lose
    • 6Royston TownRoyston Town392141475:566721.04.2018Royston Town - Biggleswade Town10.04.2018Royston Town - Banbury United1:1Draw04.04.2018Redditch United - Royston Town1:0Lose27.03.2018St Ives Town - Royston Town1:3Win24.03.2018Dorchester Town - Royston Town1:0Lose20.03.2018Kettering Town - Royston Town4:1Lose
    • 7Tiverton TownTiverton Town392141466:596721.04.2018Redditch United - Tiverton Town31.03.2018Hitchin Town - Tiverton Town0:2Win27.03.2018Tiverton Town - Frome Town2:2Draw24.03.2018Kings Langley - Tiverton Town2:2Draw20.03.2018Stratford Town - Tiverton Town1:2Win10.03.2018Tiverton Town - Dunstable Town7:1Win
    • 8Chesham UtdChesham Utd3918111076:506521.04.2018Farnborough Town - Chesham Utd02.04.2018Slough Town - Chesham Utd2:1Lose31.03.2018Chesham Utd - Redditch United2:0Win24.03.2018Chesham Utd - Weymouth0:6Lose10.03.2018Chesham Utd - Hitchin Town0:0Draw24.02.2018Chesham Utd - Kettering Town2:0Win
    • 9Banbury UnitedBanbury United3817101178:506121.04.2018Banbury United - Merthyr Town10.04.2018Royston Town - Banbury United1:1Draw24.03.2018Banbury United - St Ives Town3:1Win10.03.2018Banbury United - Farnborough Town4:1Win24.02.2018Banbury United - Kings Langley1:1Draw17.02.2018Kings Lynn - Banbury United1:1Draw
    • 10Hitchin TownHitchin Town391781460:545921.04.2018Hitchin Town - Bishop's Stortford09.04.2018Hitchin Town - Hereford United0:0Draw31.03.2018Hitchin Town - Tiverton Town0:2Lose27.03.2018Stratford Town - Hitchin Town1:2Win24.03.2018Dunstable Town - Hitchin Town0:4Win10.03.2018Chesham Utd - Hitchin Town0:0Draw
    • 11Basingstoke TownBasingstoke Town401771680:645821.04.2018Stratford Town - Basingstoke Town02.04.2018Basingstoke Town - Farnborough Town4:3Win17.03.2018Basingstoke Town - Hereford United3:1Win10.03.2018Basingstoke Town - St Neots Town1:0Win06.03.2018Slough Town - Basingstoke Town1:1Draw24.02.2018Basingstoke Town - Hitchin Town1:0Win
    • 12Frome TownFrome Town401761773:775721.04.2018Gosport Borough - Frome Town04.04.2018Frome Town - Slough Town0:4Lose02.04.2018Merthyr Town - Frome Town3:4Win27.03.2018Tiverton Town - Frome Town2:2Draw24.03.2018Kettering Town - Frome Town3:0Lose20.03.2018Hereford United - Frome Town1:0Lose
    • 13St Neots TownSt Neots Town3913121463:685121.04.2018Kings Lynn - St Neots Town09.04.2018Dorchester Town - St Neots Town0:4Win24.03.2018St Neots Town - Bishop's Stortford2:2Draw17.03.2018Merthyr Town - St Neots Town1:0Lose10.03.2018Basingstoke Town - St Neots Town1:0Lose24.02.2018Slough Town - St Neots Town2:1Lose
    • 14Stratford TownStratford Town401491760:695121.04.2018Stratford Town - Basingstoke Town31.03.2018Stratford Town - Kings Lynn1:5Lose27.03.2018Stratford Town - Hitchin Town1:2Lose24.03.2018Farnborough Town - Stratford Town1:4Win20.03.2018Stratford Town - Tiverton Town1:2Lose17.03.2018Stratford Town - Kettering Town0:4Lose
    • 15Redditch UnitedRedditch United401391865:644821.04.2018Redditch United - Tiverton Town04.04.2018Redditch United - Royston Town1:0Win31.03.2018Chesham Utd - Redditch United2:0Lose24.03.2018Redditch United - Kings Lynn0:1Lose17.03.2018Gosport Borough - Redditch United2:5Win10.03.2018Bishop's Stortford - Redditch United3:0Lose
    • 16Biggleswade TownBiggleswade Town371381642:444721.04.2018Royston Town - Biggleswade Town10.04.2018Biggleswade Town - Slough Town2:3Lose31.03.2018Gosport Borough - Biggleswade Town1:1Draw24.03.2018Biggleswade Town - Merthyr Town2:1Win10.03.2018Biggleswade Town - Weymouth1:2Lose24.02.2018Biggleswade Town - Redditch United1:0Win
    • 17Merthyr TownMerthyr Town4012111766:864721.04.2018Banbury United - Merthyr Town02.04.2018Merthyr Town - Frome Town3:4Lose24.03.2018Biggleswade Town - Merthyr Town2:1Lose17.03.2018Merthyr Town - St Neots Town1:0Win13.03.2018Royston Town - Merthyr Town5:1Lose10.03.2018Dorchester Town - Merthyr Town1:2Win
    • 18Farnborough TownFarnborough Town411452275:1054721.04.2018Farnborough Town - Chesham Utd02.04.2018Basingstoke Town - Farnborough Town4:3Lose24.03.2018Farnborough Town - Stratford Town1:4Lose17.03.2018Kings Lynn - Farnborough Town3:1Lose10.03.2018Banbury United - Farnborough Town4:1Lose24.02.2018St Ives Town - Farnborough Town2:4Win
    • 19Bishop's StortfordBishop's Stortford391291862:724521.04.2018Hitchin Town - Bishop's Stortford24.03.2018St Neots Town - Bishop's Stortford2:2Draw17.03.2018Bishop's Stortford - Slough Town2:2Draw13.03.2018Bishop's Stortford - Gosport Borough2:1Win10.03.2018Bishop's Stortford - Redditch United3:0Win24.02.2018Bishop's Stortford - Frome Town4:0Win
    • 20Dorchester TownDorchester Town391191958:764221.04.2018Dorchester Town - Slough Town09.04.2018Dorchester Town - St Neots Town0:4Lose27.03.2018Kettering Town - Dorchester Town4:3Lose24.03.2018Dorchester Town - Royston Town1:0Win10.03.2018Dorchester Town - Merthyr Town1:2Lose24.02.2018Dorchester Town - Dunstable Town1:1Draw
    • 21Kings LangleyKings Langley417132152:833421.04.2018Kings Langley - Weymouth24.03.2018Kings Langley - Tiverton Town2:2Draw17.03.2018Frome Town - Kings Langley2:1Lose10.03.2018Royston Town - Kings Langley4:0Lose24.02.2018Banbury United - Kings Langley1:1Draw20.02.2018Kings Langley - Royston Town1:0Win
    • 22St Ives TownSt Ives Town37762447:882721.04.2018Dunstable Town - St Ives Town27.03.2018St Ives Town - Royston Town1:3Lose24.03.2018Banbury United - St Ives Town3:1Lose20.03.2018St Ives Town - Slough Town1:4Lose14.03.2018Frome Town - St Ives Town0:1Win24.02.2018St Ives Town - Farnborough Town2:4Lose
    • 23Dunstable TownDunstable Town40343324:1281321.04.2018Dunstable Town - St Ives Town30.03.2018Dunstable Town - Slough Town0:3Lose24.03.2018Dunstable Town - Hitchin Town0:4Lose17.03.2018Weymouth - Dunstable Town2:0Lose10.03.2018Tiverton Town - Dunstable Town7:1Lose24.02.2018Dorchester Town - Dunstable Town1:1Draw
    • Relegation24Gosport BoroughGosport Borough39243328:1271021.04.2018Gosport Borough - Frome Town02.04.2018Weymouth - Gosport Borough5:0Lose31.03.2018Gosport Borough - Biggleswade Town1:1Draw24.03.2018Hereford United - Gosport Borough5:1Lose17.03.2018Gosport Borough - Redditch United2:5Lose13.03.2018Bishop's Stortford - Gosport Borough2:1Lose


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