Premier League 2

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    • Division 1
    • 1Liverpool U23 logoLiverpool U23550010:11522.09.2017Liverpool U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U2318.09.2017West Ham United U23 - Liverpool U230:2Win10.09.2017Liverpool U23 - Manchester City U231:0Win25.08.2017Arsenal U23 - Liverpool U231:2Win20.08.2017Liverpool U23 - Sunderland U233:0Win11.08.2017Swansea City U23 - Liverpool U230:2Win
    • 2Arsenal U23 logoArsenal U23540111:71225.09.2017Everton U23 - Arsenal U2315.09.2017Arsenal U23 - Leicester City U231:0Win08.09.2017Manchester United U23 - Arsenal U230:2Win25.08.2017Arsenal U23 - Liverpool U231:2Lose21.08.2017Arsenal U23 - Manchester City U234:3Win14.08.2017Derby County U23 - Arsenal U232:3Win
    • 3Everton U23 logoEverton U2353118:21025.09.2017Everton U23 - Arsenal U2318.09.2017Derby County U23 - Everton U230:1Win10.09.2017Everton U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U234:1Win25.08.2017Chelsea U23 - Everton U230:3Win18.08.2017Everton U23 - Leicester City U230:1Lose11.08.2017West Ham United U23 - Everton U230:0Draw
    • 4Leicester City U23 logoLeicester City U2352126:5722.09.2017Leicester City U23 - Chelsea U2315.09.2017Arsenal U23 - Leicester City U231:0Lose11.09.2017Leicester City U23 - West Ham United U233:1Win25.08.2017Manchester City U23 - Leicester City U232:2Draw18.08.2017Everton U23 - Leicester City U230:1Win14.08.2017Leicester City U23 - Manchester United U230:1Lose
    • 5West Ham United U23 logoWest Ham United U2352129:9724.09.2017Sunderland U23 - West Ham United U2318.09.2017West Ham United U23 - Liverpool U230:2Lose11.09.2017Leicester City U23 - West Ham United U233:1Lose27.08.2017West Ham United U23 - Swansea City U235:2Win21.08.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - West Ham United U232:3Win11.08.2017West Ham United U23 - Everton U230:0Draw
    • 6Chelsea U23 logoChelsea U2351316:7622.09.2017Leicester City U23 - Chelsea U2318.09.2017Chelsea U23 - Manchester United U232:2Draw09.09.2017Chelsea U23 - Sunderland U232:2Draw25.08.2017Chelsea U23 - Everton U230:3Lose18.08.2017Chelsea U23 - Derby County U232:0Win11.08.2017Manchester City U23 - Chelsea U230:0Draw
    • 7Swansea City U23 logoSwansea City U23512210:12522.09.2017Swansea City U23 - Manchester City U2318.09.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - Swansea City U232:2Draw11.09.2017Swansea City U23 - Derby County U235:2Win27.08.2017West Ham United U23 - Swansea City U235:2Lose21.08.2017Manchester United U23 - Swansea City U231:1Draw11.08.2017Swansea City U23 - Liverpool U230:2Lose
    • 8Sunderland U23 logoSunderland U2351226:10524.09.2017Sunderland U23 - West Ham United U2316.09.2017Manchester City U23 - Sunderland U232:2Draw09.09.2017Chelsea U23 - Sunderland U232:2Draw25.08.2017Derby County U23 - Sunderland U232:0Lose20.08.2017Liverpool U23 - Sunderland U233:0Lose11.08.2017Sunderland U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U232:1Win
    • 9Manchester United U23 logoManchester United U2351224:8522.09.2017Manchester United U23 - Derby County U2318.09.2017Chelsea U23 - Manchester United U232:2Draw08.09.2017Manchester United U23 - Arsenal U230:2Lose25.08.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - Manchester United U233:0Lose21.08.2017Manchester United U23 - Swansea City U231:1Draw14.08.2017Leicester City U23 - Manchester United U230:1Win
    • 10Tottenham Hotspur U23 logoTottenham Hotspur U2351139:11422.09.2017Liverpool U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U2318.09.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - Swansea City U232:2Draw10.09.2017Everton U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U234:1Lose25.08.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - Manchester United U233:0Win21.08.2017Tottenham Hotspur U23 - West Ham United U232:3Lose11.08.2017Sunderland U23 - Tottenham Hotspur U232:1Lose
    • Relegation11Manchester City U23 logoManchester City U2350327:9322.09.2017Swansea City U23 - Manchester City U2316.09.2017Manchester City U23 - Sunderland U232:2Draw10.09.2017Liverpool U23 - Manchester City U231:0Lose25.08.2017Manchester City U23 - Leicester City U232:2Draw21.08.2017Arsenal U23 - Manchester City U234:3Lose11.08.2017Manchester City U23 - Chelsea U230:0Draw
    • Relegation12Derby County U23 logoDerby County U2351046:11322.09.2017Manchester United U23 - Derby County U2318.09.2017Derby County U23 - Everton U230:1Lose11.09.2017Swansea City U23 - Derby County U235:2Lose25.08.2017Derby County U23 - Sunderland U232:0Win18.08.2017Chelsea U23 - Derby County U232:0Lose14.08.2017Derby County U23 - Arsenal U232:3Lose
    • Division 2
    • Promotion1Middlesbrough U23 logoMiddlesbrough U23550014:31522.09.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Stoke City U2315.09.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Aston Villa U234:1Win11.09.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Middlesbrough U231:3Win25.08.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Newcastle United U231:0Win18.08.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Norwich City U234:0Win11.08.2017Fulham U23 - Middlesbrough U231:2Win
    • Promotion Playoffs2Blackburn Rovers U23 logoBlackburn Rovers U23531113:81025.09.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Fulham U2317.09.2017Norwich City U23 - Blackburn Rovers U231:1Draw11.09.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Middlesbrough U231:3Lose25.08.2017Southampton U23 - Blackburn Rovers U230:1Win18.08.2017Reading U23 - Blackburn Rovers U233:5Win14.08.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U235:1Win
    • Promotion Playoffs3Aston Villa U23 logoAston Villa U23530212:9925.09.2017Aston Villa U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U2315.09.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Aston Villa U234:1Lose11.09.2017Aston Villa U23 - Southampton U234:0Win26.08.2017Fulham U23 - Aston Villa U232:3Win21.08.2017Aston Villa U23 - Stoke City U231:2Lose14.08.2017Aston Villa U23 - West Bromwich Albion U233:1Win
    • Promotion Playoffs4Reading U23 logoReading U2353029:12925.09.2017Reading U23 - Norwich City U2318.09.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - Reading U231:2Win11.09.2017Reading U23 - Fulham U232:1Win25.08.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Reading U231:2Win18.08.2017Reading U23 - Blackburn Rovers U233:5Lose14.08.2017Southampton U23 - Reading U234:0Lose
    • Promotion Playoffs5Newcastle United U23 logoNewcastle United U23522110:6825.09.2017Newcastle United U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U2318.09.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Newcastle United U230:0Draw11.09.2017Newcastle United U23 - Norwich City U232:2Draw25.08.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Newcastle United U231:0Lose18.08.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Newcastle United U230:4Win11.08.2017Stoke City U23 - Newcastle United U233:4Win
    • 6Brighton and Hove Albion U23 logoBrighton and Hove Albion U2352128:10725.09.2017Aston Villa U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U2318.09.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Newcastle United U230:0Draw11.09.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U235:1Lose25.08.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Reading U231:2Lose21.08.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Fulham U234:2Win14.08.2017Norwich City U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U231:2Win
    • 7Southampton U23 logoSouthampton U2352037:8625.09.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Southampton U2318.09.2017Southampton U23 - Stoke City U233:0Win11.09.2017Aston Villa U23 - Southampton U234:0Lose25.08.2017Southampton U23 - Blackburn Rovers U230:1Lose21.08.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - Southampton U233:0Lose14.08.2017Southampton U23 - Reading U234:0Win
    • 8Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 logoWolverhampton Wanderers U2352037:8625.09.2017Newcastle United U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U2318.09.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - Reading U231:2Lose10.09.2017Stoke City U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U231:0Lose28.08.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - West Bromwich Albion U232:0Win21.08.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - Southampton U233:0Win14.08.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U235:1Lose
    • 9Stoke City U23 logoStoke City U2352036:10622.09.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Stoke City U2318.09.2017Southampton U23 - Stoke City U233:0Lose10.09.2017Stoke City U23 - Wolverhampton Wanderers U231:0Win25.08.2017Norwich City U23 - Stoke City U232:0Lose21.08.2017Aston Villa U23 - Stoke City U231:2Win11.08.2017Stoke City U23 - Newcastle United U233:4Lose
    • 10Norwich City U23 logoNorwich City U2351226:9525.09.2017Reading U23 - Norwich City U2317.09.2017Norwich City U23 - Blackburn Rovers U231:1Draw11.09.2017Newcastle United U23 - Norwich City U232:2Draw25.08.2017Norwich City U23 - Stoke City U232:0Win18.08.2017Middlesbrough U23 - Norwich City U234:0Lose14.08.2017Norwich City U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U231:2Lose
    • 11Fulham U23 logoFulham U2351049:11325.09.2017Blackburn Rovers U23 - Fulham U2315.09.2017Fulham U23 - West Bromwich Albion U233:0Win11.09.2017Reading U23 - Fulham U232:1Lose26.08.2017Fulham U23 - Aston Villa U232:3Lose21.08.2017Brighton and Hove Albion U23 - Fulham U234:2Lose11.08.2017Fulham U23 - Middlesbrough U231:2Lose
    • 12West Bromwich Albion U23 logoWest Bromwich Albion U2351046:13325.09.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Southampton U2315.09.2017Fulham U23 - West Bromwich Albion U233:0Lose11.09.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Brighton and Hove Albion U235:1Win28.08.2017Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 - West Bromwich Albion U232:0Lose18.08.2017West Bromwich Albion U23 - Newcastle United U230:4Lose14.08.2017Aston Villa U23 - West Bromwich Albion U233:1Lose



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