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    • Next group phaseKarvina U21Karvina U210000null:null-08.10.2018Karvina U21 - Vysocina Jihlava U210:0Draw17.09.2018Karvina U21 - Zbrojovka Brno U210:1Lose20.08.2018Vysocina Jihlava U21 - Karvina U213:1Lose13.08.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - Karvina U211:2Win06.08.2018Karvina U21 - Banik Ostrava U211:0Win
    • Next group phaseSK Sigma Olomouc U21SK Sigma Olomouc U210000null:null-08.10.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - 1.FC Slovacko U215:3Win18.09.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - Banik Ostrava U216:0Win21.08.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - SK Sigma Olomouc U213:2Lose13.08.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - Karvina U211:2Lose05.08.2018Vysocina Jihlava U21 - SK Sigma Olomouc U214:3Lose
    • Championship round1.FC Slovacko U211.FC Slovacko U210000null:null-08.10.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - 1.FC Slovacko U215:3Lose01.10.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - Banik Ostrava U214:0Win17.09.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - Trinec U214:1Win21.08.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - SK Sigma Olomouc U213:2Win14.08.2018Banik Ostrava U21 - 1.FC Slovacko U213:1Lose
    • Championship roundQueens Park RangersQueens Park Rangers0000null:null-
    • Championship roundBanik Ostrava U21Banik Ostrava U210000null:null-01.10.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - Banik Ostrava U214:0Lose18.09.2018SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - Banik Ostrava U216:0Lose14.08.2018Banik Ostrava U21 - 1.FC Slovacko U213:1Win06.08.2018Karvina U21 - Banik Ostrava U211:0Lose29.07.2018Banik Ostrava U21 - SK Sigma Olomouc U212:3Lose
    • Next group phaseVysocina Jihlava U21Vysocina Jihlava U210000null:null-08.10.2018Karvina U21 - Vysocina Jihlava U210:0Draw20.08.2018Vysocina Jihlava U21 - Karvina U213:1Win12.08.2018Trinec U21 - Vysocina Jihlava U211:4Win05.08.2018Vysocina Jihlava U21 - SK Sigma Olomouc U214:3Win24.07.2018Vysocina Jihlava U21 - Banik Ostrava U211:2Lose
    • Championship roundZbrojovka Brno U21Zbrojovka Brno U210000null:null-08.10.2018Zbrojovka Brno U21 - Trinec U215:1Win17.09.2018Karvina U21 - Zbrojovka Brno U210:1Win19.08.2018Trinec U21 - Zbrojovka Brno U212:1Lose06.08.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - Zbrojovka Brno U212:2Draw30.07.2018Zbrojovka Brno U21 - Karvina U212:0Win
    • Next group phaseTrinec U21Trinec U210000null:null-08.10.2018Zbrojovka Brno U21 - Trinec U215:1Lose17.09.20181.FC Slovacko U21 - Trinec U214:1Lose19.08.2018Trinec U21 - Zbrojovka Brno U212:1Win12.08.2018Trinec U21 - Vysocina Jihlava U211:4Lose29.07.2018Trinec U21 - 1.FC Slovacko U210:4Lose

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    Championship round

    U21 tournament organized by Czech Republic. Tournament registrants: 8 teams. As of today in teams closest to medals tournament are as follows:

    Karvina U21 - null points, null won matches, null defeats, null draws.

    SK Sigma Olomouc U21 - null points, null triumphs, null losses, null draws.

    1.FC Slovacko U21 - null points, null wins, null losses, null draws.

    As of 15.10.2018, standings show that clubs are in the following intermediate zones:

    Next group phase - Karvina U21, SK Sigma Olomouc U21, Vysocina Jihlava U21, Trinec U21

    Championship round - 1.FC Slovacko U21, Queens Park Rangers, Banik Ostrava U21, Zbrojovka Brno U21

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