U19 1st Division

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    • 1Zbrojovka U19 logoZbrojovka U1914122043:133824.11.2017Pribram U19 - Zbrojovka U1917.11.2017Zbrojovka U19 - Teplice U191:0Win03.11.2017Zbrojovka U19 - Slavia Prague U196:0Win27.10.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Zbrojovka U192:5Win21.10.2017Zbrojovka U19 - Slovacko U192:1Win07.10.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Zbrojovka U191:2Win
    • 2Sigma Olomouc logoSigma Olomouc1492329:192922.11.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Sigma Olomouc18.11.2017Karvina U19 - Sigma Olomouc2:1Lose27.10.2017Sigma Olomouc - Banik Ostrava U191:0Win12.10.2017Sigma Olomouc - Fastav U192:0Win29.09.2017Pribram U19 - Sigma Olomouc2:1Lose23.09.2017Sigma Olomouc - Teplice U192:0Win
    • 3Sparta Prague U19 logoSparta Prague U191492353:312925.11.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Slavia Prague U1918.11.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Sparta Prague U193:2Lose04.11.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Banik Ostrava U192:3Lose28.10.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Slovacko U196:1Win12.10.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Sparta Prague U190:4Win30.09.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Hradec Kralove U192:3Lose
    • 4Viktoria Plzen U19 logoViktoria Plzen U191491440:232825.11.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Ceske Budejovice U1918.11.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Sparta Prague U193:2Win28.10.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191:2Win21.10.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Fastav U198:4Win07.10.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Teplice U193:1Win30.09.2017Pardubice U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191:3Win
    • 5Karvina U19 logoKarvina U191491426:262822.11.2017Pardubice U19 - Karvina U1918.11.2017Karvina U19 - Sigma Olomouc2:1Win04.11.2017Karvina U19 - Fastav U192:1Win01.11.2017Karvina U19 - Slovacko U194:3Win27.10.2017Pribram U19 - Karvina U192:1Lose24.10.2017Karvina U19 - Slavia Prague U192:1Win
    • 6Hradec Kralove U19 logoHradec Kralove U191482436:282725.11.2017Fastav U19 - Hradec Kralove U1918.11.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Pribram U191:2Lose04.11.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Pardubice U192:1Win28.10.2017Slavia Prague U19 - Hradec Kralove U193:2Lose25.10.2017Slovacko U19 - Hradec Kralove U191:2Win21.10.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Mlada Boleslav U192:0Win
    • 7Pardubice U19 logoPardubice U191463527:252422.11.2017Pardubice U19 - Karvina U1917.11.2017Slovacko U19 - Pardubice U191:2Win04.11.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Pardubice U192:1Lose31.10.2017Banik Ostrava U19 - Pardubice U191:2Win28.10.2017Pardubice U19 - Opava U192:1Win21.10.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Pardubice U191:2Win
    • 8Slavia Prague U19 logoSlavia Prague U191455436:332421.11.2017Slavia Prague U19 - MFK Frydek Mistek U1917.11.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Slavia Prague U192:3Win03.11.2017Zbrojovka U19 - Slavia Prague U196:0Lose28.10.2017Slavia Prague U19 - Hradec Kralove U193:2Win24.10.2017Karvina U19 - Slavia Prague U192:1Lose21.10.2017Opava U19 - Slavia Prague U191:3Win
    • 9Slovacko U19 logoSlovacko U191563636:352224.11.2017Teplice U19 - Slovacko U1917.11.2017Slovacko U19 - Pardubice U191:2Lose04.11.2017Slovacko U19 - Mlada Boleslav U193:0Win01.11.2017Karvina U19 - Slovacko U194:3Lose28.10.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Slovacko U196:1Lose25.10.2017Slovacko U19 - Hradec Kralove U191:2Lose
    • 10Pribram U19 logoPribram U191446444:412224.11.2017Pribram U19 - Zbrojovka U1918.11.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Pribram U191:2Win03.11.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Pribram U191:0Lose27.10.2017Pribram U19 - Karvina U192:1Win21.10.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Pribram U190:1Win06.10.2017Banik Ostrava U19 - Pribram U191:2Win
    • 10Sigma Olomouc logoSigma Olomouc42117:67
    • 11Banik Ostrava U19 logoBanik Ostrava U191454533:332122.11.2017Fastav U19 - Banik Ostrava U1918.11.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Banik Ostrava U191:2Win04.11.2017Sparta Prague U19 - Banik Ostrava U192:3Win31.10.2017Banik Ostrava U19 - Pardubice U191:2Lose27.10.2017Sigma Olomouc - Banik Ostrava U191:0Lose21.10.2017Banik Ostrava U19 - Bohemians 1905 U193:1Win
    • 12Ceske Budejovice U19 logoCeske Budejovice U191452726:311821.11.2017Teplice U19 - Ceske Budejovice U1918.11.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Banik Ostrava U191:2Lose04.11.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Bohemians 1905 U193:1Win28.10.2017Fastav U19 - Ceske Budejovice U192:3Win21.10.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Pribram U190:1Lose07.10.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Pardubice U192:3Lose
    • 13Fastav U19 logoFastav U191444636:371722.11.2017Fastav U19 - Banik Ostrava U1917.11.2017Fastav U19 - Opava U196:0Win04.11.2017Karvina U19 - Fastav U192:1Lose28.10.2017Fastav U19 - Ceske Budejovice U192:3Lose21.10.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Fastav U198:4Lose12.10.2017Sigma Olomouc - Fastav U192:0Lose
    • 14MFK Frydek Mistek U19 logoMFK Frydek Mistek U191434725:471521.11.2017Slavia Prague U19 - MFK Frydek Mistek U1918.11.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Bohemians 1905 U191:0Win03.11.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Pribram U191:0Win27.10.2017Teplice U19 - MFK Frydek Mistek U190:1Win21.10.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Pardubice U191:2Lose07.10.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Mlada Boleslav U192:1Win
    • Relegation Playoffs15Mlada Boleslav U19 logoMlada Boleslav U191432920:371221.11.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Opava U1917.11.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Slavia Prague U192:3Lose04.11.2017Slovacko U19 - Mlada Boleslav U193:0Lose27.10.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Zbrojovka U192:5Lose21.10.2017Hradec Kralove U19 - Mlada Boleslav U192:0Lose07.10.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Mlada Boleslav U192:1Lose
    • Relegation Playoffs16Teplice U19 logoTeplice U1914311016:301121.11.2017Teplice U19 - Ceske Budejovice U1917.11.2017Zbrojovka U19 - Teplice U191:0Lose04.11.2017Opava U19 - Teplice U192:3Win27.10.2017Teplice U19 - MFK Frydek Mistek U190:1Lose20.10.2017Karvina U19 - Teplice U192:0Lose07.10.2017Viktoria Plzen U19 - Teplice U193:1Lose
    • Relegation17Bohemians 1905 U19 logoBohemians 1905 U1914311014:321022.11.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Sigma Olomouc18.11.2017MFK Frydek Mistek U19 - Bohemians 1905 U191:0Lose04.11.2017Ceske Budejovice U19 - Bohemians 1905 U193:1Lose28.10.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Viktoria Plzen U191:2Lose21.10.2017Banik Ostrava U19 - Bohemians 1905 U193:1Lose12.10.2017Bohemians 1905 U19 - Sparta Prague U190:4Lose
    • Relegation18Opava U19 logoOpava U1913011217:36221.11.2017Mlada Boleslav U19 - Opava U1917.11.2017Fastav U19 - Opava U196:0Lose04.11.2017Opava U19 - Teplice U192:3Lose28.10.2017Pardubice U19 - Opava U192:1Lose21.10.2017Opava U19 - Slavia Prague U191:3Lose07.10.2017Opava U19 - Slovacko U192:1Win

    Relegation Playoffs


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